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Annual Global Supply Chain Intelligence Report
Annual Global Supply Chain Intelligence Report

BSI's Annual Global Supply Chain Intelligence Report provides an in-depth overview of the top security, corporate social responsibility, and business continuity risks, threats, and trends from 2016 as well as an outlook on emerging supply chain risks in 2017. This report provides data and analysis on an array of supply chain topics and disruptions, such as:


  • China's Environmental Issues and Enforcement
  • Factory Water Pollution in Vietnam
  • Cargo Theft Trends Across Europe
  • European Migrant Crisis Risks and Impacts
  • Drug Trafficking into Western Europe
  • Growing CSR Regulatory Framework Across Europe
  • ISIS Supply Chain Terrorist Attacks
  • Impacts of Western Populism on Supply Chain Continuity
  • Political and Economic Situations Driving Cargo Theft Trends and more


Please CLICK HERE to download the whitepaper.

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