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CWA-Expo 2014, an event leading freight and trade in Latin America

For the fifth edition of CWA -Expo Carga presents a trade show with the main international companies that provide products and services specializing in the handling of goods.

During the named freight week, more than 350 suppliers of cargo airlines, logistics operators, customs brokers warehouses, industrial parks, cargo management and grip equipment, safety, packing, barcode and others; will gather to make alliances and new business.


CWA - Expo Carga has, for the second consecutive year, a Logistics & Supply Chain zone specialized in lifts and elevators, storage materials and equipment, supplies, scales, boxes, containers, pallets, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), software ( ERP and WMS ), GPS, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), marketing, logistics and more.

Year after year, the event will have a varied educational program and 2014 won´t be the exception with five international forums and 15 workshops:

"˘ International
Forum Manufacturing Export: Program aimed at improving the management of foreign trade, promoting the development of efficient providers, logistic platforms and best review of fiscal and regulatory framework through a strategic vision to increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in international markets.

"˘ International Logistics Forum Suppliers: Space to provide attendees with trends, regulations and best practices in foreign trade, perishable transport and logistics, in order to preserve the life of the product.


"˘ Dangerous Goods International Forum: The forum will consider the impact of national and international statutory regulations governing Hazardous Goods industries and logistics operators, providing recommendations to prevent and raise awareness of accidents and penalties due to mismanagement transit, since these products can harm human health and the environment.


"˘ North America Forum: The objective of this forum is to discuss strategy in the Latin American market and locate the import and export benefits in order to develop strategies, partnerships and agreements to allow access to this growing market.

"˘ Forum Asia: A program to examine the Latin American strategy for entering the Asian market to identify export opportunities and import with the intention of increasing the operations and business alliances.

In 2013 CWA- Expo Carga gathered 17,263 managers, executives and business owners from 26 different countries such as United States, Hong Kong, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Costa Rica, Spain, France, China, among others; for this edition, the organizers expect to exceed that number .

As part of our growth, the event has changed the venue which will be held in 2014 at Centro Banamex in Mexico City from 3 to 5 June. CWA- Expo Carga offers to America a world-class and attractive event, which will be a connector of all american countries in the logistics industry, bringing them together in one place.

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