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AEB Updates Supply-Chain Monitoring and Alerting App

AEB (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd., a provider of information technology for global trade and logistics, has developed a new version of its ASSIST4 Monitoring and Alerting application.

The update features a new messaging framework and enhanced tracking features. It is part of AEBís Visibility & Collaboration Platform, which helps to synchronize events across the supply chain. The new messaging feature automatically generates text or e-mail alerts when pre-defined events occur. Businesses can notify the consignee when goods are issued, e-mail Customs documents to the customs broker when shipments are ready, and generate text alerts when delays occur. The software features a message cockpit in which all text and e-mail alerts are logged. Users can attach various document types to business objects, where they can be downloaded by all supply-chain partners. The tool also includes an enhanced authorization feature, allowing role-based access to business-object attachments, so that only users with one or more defined roles can view a particular document.

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