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Aljex Integrates TMS With Carrier Onboarding From RMIS

Aljex Software has integrated its cloud-based transportation-management software with CRS Plus, the carrier-qualification and onboarding application from Registry Monitoring Insurance Services (RMIS).

RMIS provides insurance and legal document monitoring for clients across the U.S. and Canada. Aljex is a vendor of cloud-based software for brokers, carriers, third-party logistics providers and related entities. CRS Plus in Aljex streamlines and automates the process of qualifying and onboarding a carrier prior to shipment. The carrier enters the required information on a Web page that is customized with a brokerís own carrier qualifications and business rules. The carrier also provides its DOT motor carrier number and accepts the brokerís contract and other legal requirements. RMIS verifies the carrierís information, insurance and safety rating. The tool monitors the carrierís certificate of insurance and DOT information daily, and updates the system if coverage expires. CRS Plus provides detailed certificate of insurance information direct from the insurance provider. It allows for unlimited carrier searches within the RMIS database of more than 100,000 carriers, and the DOT database of some 500,000 carriers.

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