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Aramex Debuts Cold Supply Chain Solutions

Aramex has launched a new cold supply chain service, available across all its MENA markets. Biocare, a solution for the healthcare sector, is designed to provide an end-to-end temperature-controlled delivery solution to move clinical specimens and medical samples domestically and globally for laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

The Biocare solution comes with its own special boxes which can maintain the required temperatures during shipping of blood samples, human fluids and medications that need to be preserved under specific temperatures and delivered within a certain time-frame.

Biocare caters for both infectious and non-hazardous samples.

The solution brings an added value to customers whereby it offers temperature monitoring during the entire supply chain, from pickup to delivery, using special data loggers. The data loggers can be used several times and collect temperatures at specific intervals as required by the client to sample the quality of the temperature maintained.

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