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Basware Unveils E-Invoicing Adoption Program

Basware, a provider of electronic invoicing and purchase-to-pay technology, has launched an "E-Invoicing Switchover" initiative.

The offering is intended to help businesses maximize the number of electronic invoices they send and receive, as well as ease the supplier on-boarding process. Basware said it is encouraging 100-percent e-invoice usage by setting “opt out” as the default option. Basware’s Commerce Network connects more than 900,000 companies globally for e-invoicing and e-procurement. It supports virtually all international invoice formats and makes possible communication at all levels, such as through value-added networks or the internet, the vendor said. It can also deliver invoices to customers in other formats, such as paper or PDF. Invoices can be viewed, sorted, stored and downloaded from the Basware Portal, with any disputes or comments handled within the system.

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