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Battling Risk, Part 1: Using Analytics to Uncover Supply-Chain Fraud

Fraud can happen anywhere in your supply chain. Are you doing enough to stop it?

Battling Risk, Part 1: Using Analytics to Uncover Supply-Chain Fraud

As companies extend their supply chains through partnerships with distant suppliers and manufacturers, the risk of fraud increases. So, too, does the possibility of misbehavior within the organization. Adding to the complexity is a sea of data that can be tough to sort through and utilize in an effective manner. One solution lies in the use of sophisticated analytics, which can help companies make sense of all that information, establish strict metrics for ethical behavior, detect any wayward activities, and allow for instant action. In this episode, John Joseph, vice president of marketing with Lavastorm, talks about how analytics can be deployed within global supply chains to tackle the many forms of fraud that can plague an organization. Billions of dollars are at stake, he says. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

Look for the next episode of the podcast, which can be downloaded or streamed, every Friday on the SupplyChainBrain website.

Show notes:

A survey on supply-chain fraud forensics from Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP.

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