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Can Maritime Piracy Be Stopped?

Does commercial shipping have to be a matter of life or death?

Can Maritime Piracy Be Stopped?

Pirates continue to plague the international shipping lanes, and while vessel seizures off the coast of Somalia are down, they’re multiplying in other parts of the world. Martin Murphy, senior research fellow at the Center for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University, is one of the world’s leading experts on maritime piracy. In this episode, he discusses where the most serious threats are today, and critiques the various strategies that are being deployed to protect ships against hijacking. He also addresses the controversy over whether ships should carry armed guards to stop pirates from boarding, and whether shipowners should pay huge ransoms to free their crews from captivity. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

Show notes:

The Best Management Practices (BMP4) booklet for protection against Somalia-based piracy.

“Pirate Trails: Tracking the Illicit Financial Flows From Pirate Activities off the Horn of Africa,” a World Bank report.

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