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Can Trade and Logistics Boost Florida's Fortunes?

Florida took a beating during the Great Recession. Like many of its Sun Belt peers, the prominent roles of real estate, tourism and financial services led to more than 650,000 jobs lost between 2007 and 2010. Many of the stateís largest metro areas remain thousands of jobs below their peak levels.

Yet, Florida will soon pass New York and become the countryís third-largest state, and itís still growing. The question for state and metropolitan leaders is how they can make sure the newly created jobs are more production-oriented and better able to withstand the economic shocks of tomorrow.

Thatís why trade and logistics are so important to Floridaís economic future.

Florida is already uniquely positioned from a logistics perspective. Miami International Airport is one the countryís most important international airfreight hubs, operating as the country's chief gateway to Latin America and responsible for moving $68.5bn in international goods just last year. The state boasts 15 deep water ports, and the state will have invested $700m in port infrastructure by the end of Governor Rick Scottís four-year term. The state is also blessed with cutting-edge freight policies, most notably through the regional planning efforts coordinated out of the Office of Freight Logistics and Passenger Operations.

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