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CargoSmart Updates Sailing-Schedule App for Mobile Phones

CargoSmart Limited has developed a new version of its ocean sailing schedules application for Android and iPhone.

CargoSmart Updates Sailing-Schedule App for Mobile Phones

SSM+ now allows shippers and logistics service providers to view schedule-reliability rankings in the search results screen. The free mobile app includes sailing-schedule information for 27 ocean carriers and schedule-reliability data for the top 30 ports, more than 250 port pairs, 20 leading ocean carriers, more than 12,000 vessel schedules and more than 200 services each month along four major trade lanes. CargoSmart updates its schedule-reliability data weekly. The app uses a designated time stamp for each port pair, based on an event-driven system architecture, to determine carriers’ port-to-port reliability performance. The SSM+ application is available to download from Google Play and the App Store.

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