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Carrier Transicold Meets New CARB Emission Rules, Debuts Hybrid Trailer Reefer Unit

Carrier Transicold has developed a new truck engine emissions system (EES) that has received conditional verification from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

The Carrier Transicold EES is a CARB level 3+ diesel emissions control device for trailer refrigeration units. It can be included with initial purchase, or added later. The device reduces particulate emissions in line with CARB’s ultra-low emissions requirement for transport refrigeration units, while also reducing nitrogen oxides, the company said. Carrier Transicold’s latest trailer-refrigeration unit engines are already certified for “evergreen” compliance with the 2013 Tier 4 standard of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, for engines with less than 25 horsepower operating throughout North America, except in California. CARB requires that a verified diesel emissions control (VDEC) strategy be applied to units in that horsepower class for use within the state beyond the initial seven years. In another company announcement, Carrier Transicold has developed the Vector 8600MT hybrid unit for multi-temperature trailer refrigeration. The device includes new smart remote evaporators, which improve operational efficiency and allow for more flexible installation. The product is the first commercially available, multi-temperature trailer refrigeration unit to meet the 2013 EPA Tier 4 standard, Carrier Transicold said.

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