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Cell Phones Enable Weigh Station Bypass Solutions

While cell phones help everyone from truck drivers to fleet managers stay connected, they also offer a new way of doing business.

Cell Phones Enable Weigh Station Bypass Solutions

“We call it Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) transponder technology,” says Brian Heath, president of Burlingame, Calif.-based Drivewyze. “Through our Drivewyze weigh station bypass service, it’s a game changer for the trucking industry. Traditional transponder technology—expensive poles with short distance radio transmitters—began more than 20 years ago and that’s akin to a hard wired telephone. It was the only way you could do bypass back then. But today, CMRS transponders are unique from traditional transponders. They do not require any roadside hardware to work and instead communicate using cellular data connectivity.”

According to Heath, Drivewyze is a transparent, neutral platform that allows state agencies to reward safe truck companies with bypass opportunities.

“This frees frontline inspection officers to focus their attention on the trucks that need inspections,” says Heath. “A secure interface inside the weigh station displays the results of each bypass request after it has been automatically processed. Based on carrier, vehicle and driver-level data, and a state’s bypass criteria, trucks are instructed to either bypass or report to the weigh station. Aside from a two percent random inspection, most fleets with high safety scores can enjoy bypass rates of up to 98 percent.”

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