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Champ Cargosystems Launches Airfreight Community Platform

Champ Cargosystems, a provider of integrated air-cargo services, has launched an airfreight community platform. Dubbed CargoUpdate, the tool was designed to enhance communications between airlines and freight forwarders.

Champ Cargosystems Launches Airfreight Community Platform

Users can disseminate operational and news announcements to the global air-cargo community. The portal has been optimized for smartphones and tablets. It draws on Champ's portfolio of core airline and messaging systems. According to Champ, the platform will allow airlines to communicate to the market flight and capacity changes, as well as updates such as fuel surcharges. Innovata is CargoUpdate's integrated launch partner. Its FlightMaps tool is embedded within CargoUpdate, enabling airlines and freight forwarders to obtain an overview of available routes operated by more than 800 airlines at some 3,500 airports around the world. Other products will be integrated into CargoUpdate over the coming weeks and months, Champ said. It sells products and services under the Cargospot and Traxon brands.

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