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Chew on This: RFID Helps Mondelez Market Gum in Brazil

Multinational company Mondelez is employing an innovative solution to market its Trident brand of chewing gum in Brazil.

The campaign, which uses battery-powered beacons based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) specification (also known as Bluetooth Smart), was launched in partnership with Collact, a start-up that develops smartphone applications that function as loyalty cards at bars, coffee shops, restaurants and other establishments.

For the Trident project, Collact is installing Bluetooth beacons provided by Estimote at participating retailers' point-of-sale terminals. Initially, the campaign is being tested in the canteens and coffee shops of some schools in the São Paulo area.

According to Daniel Silber, Trident's marketing manager in Brazil, the campaign's targets are university students 18 to 24 years of age. "With RFID technology, Collact creates a new shopping experience in which consumers receive custom messages inviting them to try our different products," he says. "We believe this is a good way to integrate technology with consumer goods, and it will be interesting to analyze how consumers and establishments that sell Trident—in this case, school canteens and coffee shops—receive and interact with the application."

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