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City of Madrid Implements Large Smarter Cities Environmental Analytics Project

The City of Madrid and IBM, through its subsidiary INSA, announced the largest environmental services management project in Spain, designed to improve city life for all of Madrid's 3 million citizens. Using IBM's Smarter Cities technology, this initiative will help improve the delivery and efficiency of city services and provide citizens new tools to interact and communicate with the city council.

The contract, with an estimated value of 14.7m euros (approximately $20m) will use Big Data and analytics to transform the City of Madrid's supplier management model, allowing the city to manage and pay each provider based on service levels for street maintenance, lighting, irrigation, trees and green spaces, cleaning and garbage and waste management.

The city produces 1 million tons of household waste and residents use some 15 million cubic meters of water every year. Madrid also manages and tracks numerous assets, including 1.7 million vehicles, more than 252,000 streetlights and 287,000 trees that are cared for by the city.

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