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Cloud Providers 'Could Do More' to Ensure Their Services Won't Fail

Cloud providers do not give companies enough insight into performance and customer demand, according to Compuware.

Service level agreements (SLAs) between cloud hosts and companies require an overhaul, claimed the Detroit-based application performance monitoring firm.

It wants to see typical 99-percent uptime guarantees ditched in favour of customized SLAs that ensure a company's business critical applications hosted in the cloud will not fail.

The news comes on the back of a Compuware global survey of 740 senior IT professionals that found that eight in 10 respondents believe SLAs based on uptime are too simplistic, failing to address the issue of managing applications in the cloud.

The company's cloud solutions manager, Ronald Miller, said: "It's all really about the end user experience. "At 99.9-percent availability, it sounds really good, but that can translate to almost nine hours a year of downtime. What happens during those nine hours?

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