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Cold Chain Technologies Debuts Four Product Families

Cold Chain Technologies, a provider of thermal packaging, has introduced four product families under the brands of KoolTemp GTS Express, Excel, Extreme and Evolution.

The new shipping systems feature universal pack-outs, straightforward conditioning and module designs with common refrigerants. They were designed with the aid of CCT’s KoolDesigns Thermal Modeling, and based on the Koolit Advanced PCM (Phase Change Material) formulation. According to the company, the systems protect temperature-sensitive products under the most extreme conditions, in small parcels or bulk pallet shipments, traveling overnight or for extended durations. The products are available in refrigerated, frozen and controlled room-temperature options. Sizes range from four liters to 52-liter small parcels, and from half-pallet to full-pallet for bulk shippers. The technology boosts payload size and improves performance, while decreasing cost, size and weight, CCT said.

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