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Cosmetics Company Uses RFID System to Prevent Forklift Accidents in Its Warehouse

One year after cosmetics company L'Oréal Italia installed an RFID-based system to prevent forklift-related collisions in its busy warehouse, the company has not had a single such accident.

The solution, provided by systems integrator Deles Matic, is known as the Traffic Collision Assistance System and leverages RTLS technology from Essensium. The L'Oréal Italia system consists of Essensium's battery-powered RFID tags, readers and software residing on the company's server, as well as Deles Matic's integrated warning system consisting of stop lights at intersections and warning lights and buzzers on each forklift.

L'Oréal Italia's facility in the city of Lainate has a busy and highly complex warehouse in which employees, on foot or in forklift vehicles, move up and down aisles where products are stored prior to shipment to customers. The company puts considerable emphasis on safety at its facility, and its managers want not only to prevent any accidents but to hear about and learn from any near incidents so that they can be researched and addressed.

The warehouse typically has a high volume of pedestrian as well as forklift traffic on any given day, and on "hot days," when shipping volume is at its greatest, traffic can increase further.

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