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Crowley's Puerto Rico Warehouse Receives Foreign Trade Zone Designation

Crowley Maritime Corporation's Caribbean logistics unit has recently been granted reclassification of its Puerto Rico warehousing and distribution center to Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status.

This allows the facility, located in Free Trade Zone #61, in Guaynabo, to receive, store and process cargo without it being subject to formal U.S. Customs entry procedures and payment of duties until the cargo enters the U.S. supply chain and is made available for domestic use and consumption.

“Becoming a free trade zone allows Crowley to offer additional services and benefits to both domestic and international customers,” said Ayesha Diaz, general manager, logistics. “These expanded capabilities and services allow us to work with new customers that we were not able to serve in the past.”

Crowley has had operations in Puerto Rico since 1954.

Source: Crowley Maritime

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