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Cryoport Partners With DHL Unit for Cold Chain Offering

Cryoport Inc., a provider of cryogenic logistics services, is partnering with LifeConEx, part of DHL Global Forwarding.

The arrangement enhances and supplements DHL’s cold chain logistics offerings for life sciences and healthcare customers, including DHL Express’s Medical Express. It combines DHL’s services with support for shipping temperature-sensitive products and biological materials in a cryogenic state. DHL Global Forwarding currently has 45 certified life sciences stations around the world, with the intention of increasing their number to 65 by year’s end. The forwarding stations, along with dedicated life sciences warehouses and clinical trial depots, will now be able to draw on Cryoport’s services for cryogenic shipping. Cryoport Express uses dry vapor liquid nitrogen technology to provide 10 days of holding at temperatures of minus 150 degrees Celsius. It offers temperature monitoring throughout the shipping process. Cryoport’s Management Platform supports the entire logistics process, including initial order input, document preparation, customs clearance, courier management, shipment tracking, issue resolution and delivery.

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