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Dematic Unveils New Order-Fulfillment Offering

Dematic, a supplier of logistics systems for factories, warehouses and distribution centers, has introduced an order-fulfillment tool for piece-picking applications.

The Dematic Put Wall System is an order-consolidation and packing method designed to boost productivity, order accuracy, speed and efficiency in the fulfillment process. It combines order lines from multiple orders and creates high-density, efficient picking throughout the warehouse, according to the company. Advanced algorithms allow the software to manage and direct complex piece-picking for batch-picking optimization. A typical Put Wall System consists of multiple workstations, and uses conveyors to deliver containers of ordered SKUs into the Put Wall module. Put Walls can support any number of separate order compartments, which can be configured in various sizes to support multiple order volumes. The system performs a quality check by scanning each item at the Put Wall.

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