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Free Guides Help Firms Tackle Child Labour and Slavery

Two free guides by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) have been released to help firms address the risk of child labour and modern slavery in supply chains.

The guides advise companies how to develop a deeper understanding of key concepts and legal responsibilities.

The first manual lists tools, tips and techniques for reducing and mitigating child labour risk in four stages.

Companies are told how to:

Assess the actual and potential risk of child labour in their organisations.

Identify their corporate leverage and responsibility and the decision-making and actions that are necessary.

Mitigate risk and take action where violations of standards are found.

Monitor implementation of these policies to ensure the best interests of children are at the forefront of any action taken.

The second manual advises companies negotiating with suppliers to set clear red lines that are consistent with the highest international standards.

Warning signs companies should be on the lookout for among suppliers include retention of identity papers, withholding wages, abusive living and working conditions and restriction of movement.

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