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GE Capital Fleet Debuts Tracking App for Fleet Managers

GE Capital Fleet Services has introduced a telematics application that allows truck fleet managers to track assets such as trailers, forklifts and generators in real time.

GE Monitor Asset Tracking allows fleet managers to pinpoint the location of critical items. By installing GPS-equipped, battery-operated hardware onto fixed and mobile assets, users can view and manage equipment activity via color-coded digital maps. They can also set up customized notifications to track movements for security and inventory management. Access to real-time data allows users to identify idle and low equipment utilization. In addition to the telematics tool, customers of GE Capital Fleet Services now have access to GE Monitor Connect and Fuel Guard Reports. The first integrates a Garmin navigation device with telematics, to perform mobile dispatching and communications with fleet drivers. The second allows customers to track the location of fuel cards and identify fuel fraud.

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