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Georgia Company Uses RFID to Locate Pallets of Frozen Foods

Eskimo Cold Storage, a frozen foods storage company based in Gainesville, Ga., has already saved $100,000 since installing RFID readers about four months ago, and forecasts an annual savings of $233,000. The company installed an RFID reader at the end of 20 aisles within its warehouse, so that it could confirm where its thousands of pallets are located as they are put away or removed.

The solution, says Karen Reece, Eskimo Cold Storage's vice president, ensures that loaded pallets can be quickly located when required for outgoing shipments—thereby reducing the amount of labor required to search for missing goods, while also preventing the need to pay a customer for something that is missing. The RFID technology, which captures read data collected from tagged pallets and forwards that information to the company's warehouse-management system (WMS), was provided by Jamison RFID.

The company provides cooling and storage for food producers. The vast majority of the products consists of chicken, but also includes seafood. Businesses bring the meat to Eskimo Cold Storage to be flash-frozen and then stored in freezers until purchased by customers within the United States or overseas. Eskimo focuses on making the product available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as needed. Its facility spans 10.9 million cubic feet and has 32,000 pallet positions that rise seven levels high in the cold-storage area, in about 50 different aisles (each with 600 pallet positions), while 480 pallets are received and shipped daily by approximately 20 trucks.

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