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Get on the Energy Bus!

Jon Gordon, author of Energy Bus and other books on leadership, shares a host of ideas on how leaders can recharge, refocus and reenergize to stay on top of their game.

“Work/life balance is a myth,” says Gordon. Instead of futilely seeking this unachievable goal, corporate leaders should instead find a rhythm that will enable them to recharge, he says. “The key is short breaks – go-go-go and then recharge. If anyone works on a project non-stop, they become ineffective. If you take time for breaks, you are more productive when you come back to it.”

Gordon advises leaders to look toward creating this on/off rhythm over the course of a year. “If they focus on achieving this pattern throughout the year, they can then create a more engaged life at work and a more engaged life at home. They may not be able to find that balance each day, with crises and the rapid pace of change, but they can establish a rhythm that allows them to recharge periodically.”

Stress too often causes executives to lead out of fear and survival, rather than in a positive way that helps their businesses thrive, Gordon says. By periodically recharging, leaders can maintain a clear vision, stay focused on purpose and be more passionate about people and processes, he says. This results in more positive leaders, who create more positive companies.

Being firm in your core values and mission also are critical qualities of a good leader, says Gordon. “If you are clear about what you and your organization stand for, then every decision is easy. Mistakes and cover-ups happen when a corporation has a failing at the cultural level and its guiding principles are not seen as paramount,” he says.

“Distractions are the enemy of greatness,” says Gordon. “But failure is always an opportunity to grow and improve.”

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