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Getting the Kids Hooked on Supply Chain Management

How do you explain business situations and supply chain management practices in a way that gets kids excited? You make a game of it. Business on the Move has done just that.

Getting the Kids Hooked on Supply Chain Management

The hope is that the recently launched board game, sponsored by 50 logistics-related companies and institutions, spurs business interest among younger generations and fosters a deeper understanding of how products move from Point A to Point B. While aimed, for now at least, at the UK market, Business on the Move puts real-world logistics, supply chain management, and business decision-making power into the hands of children and young adults aged 9 to 19.

According to the website, it "challenges players to run a business that must respond to customers' orders, moving different products from China to their UK market by combinations of air, sea, rail and road as quickly, as profitably, and as responsibly as they can." The game gets kids thinking about questions supply chain professionals always have top of mind: What is the best way to deliver products? What will it cost? Will we turn a profit? How can we grow our business? How can we achieve a low carbon footprint?

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