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'Green' Is More Than Good - It's Essential to the Bottom Line

Green is much more than an environmental imperative or social responsibility cause it's an essential strategy for savvy businesses looking to differentiate and grow the bottom line. And it's important to every aspect of business, starting with manufacturing.

Green products need to start with a green company, which makes sustainable manufacturing facilities key. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, there are 738 LEED-certified industrial manufacturing facilities worldwide and another 1,335 facilities seeking certification. The market growth has been exponential: 375% in the last four years.

The rise in green facilities for large multinational companies is aligned with the larger green building market trend 47% of all new commercial construction is green building construction, compared to only 2% in 2005.

Recent research suggests there are several factors for this increased focus on green, including client demand and public opinion on sustainable products and buildings. But it is important to recognize that the opportunities go beyond perceptions. Green building is a smart investment strategy.

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