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Growth Drivers for Same Day & Customized Logistics

Logistics companies specializing in same day and customized services are growing rapidly. Chuck Moyer, CEO of Express Courier International, talks about what is driving this trend and what it means to the overall supply chain community.

The “Amazon effect” is the biggest reason that same-day and customized delivery services are gaining traction in the marketplace, says Moyer. “From a customer experience standpoint, the last mile is critical in today’s world,” he says. “It is what drives customers back to retail or e-commerce businesses, so those businesses are paying a lot of attention.”

Companies specializing in the customized logistics niche are focused on providing tailored services designed to meet the needs of each customer, Moyer says. “Every customer that we serve and every box that we handle has a specific set of standard operating procedures that have to be followed,” he says. “Whether it is a specific driver certification or a special skills set, each service is customized – and it also has to be delivered in less than 24 hours.”

Various types of customers are demanding this type of service, Moyer says. “It is everything from small, local customers that really want a unique delivery experience to many of the Fortune 500. We have customers of all sizes and in virtually every vertical.”

Express Courier also has customized a lot of its technology services to meet specific customer needs, Moyer says. “In many cases we are reporting back to the customer value-added data that helps them manage their business. For example, we are able to capture customer satisfaction information proactively at the point of delivery and report that back to our customer in real time. Anything that falls below expectations immediately generates a phone call to rectify the issue.”

Moyer believes that technology is too often being used by companies to reduce costs, often to the detriment of customer service and customer relationships. “I think that in the future, the companies that can use technology to not only manage their businesses better, but also to enhance the customer experience will be the big winners,” he says.

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