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How to Protect Your Supply Chain From Cyber Crime

The risk of cyber crime hitting your supply chain is greater than ever before.

How to Protect Your Supply Chain From Cyber Crime

The possibilities extend well beyond old-fashioned website hacking. Global supply chains today are vulnerable to any number of scams that originate in cyberspace, says Peregrine Storrs-Fox. He is risk management director with Through Transportation Mutual Services (UK) Ltd., known more familiarly as the TT Club, an international provider of transportation and logistics insurance. Storrs-Fox lays out the many ways in which criminals can attack your business, grab sensitive information and even hold your shipments hostage. The message: be diligent. “I don’t think that anyone can think for a moment they’re not exposed,” says Storrs-Fox. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

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Show notes:

A “TT Talk” paper on cyber risks in the supply chain.

The TT Club handbook on supply-chain security.

The latest edition of the Kroll Global Fraud Report.

This episode is sponsored by Oliver Wight.

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