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Hybris Creates B2C Commerce Accelerator for China Market

Hybris Software has made available the hybris B2C Commerce Accelerator for China.

Hybris Creates B2C Commerce Accelerator for China Market

The tool has been configured and equipped with functionality to address the specific needs of electronic commerce in China. It is founded on the hybris Commerce Accelerator, an omni-channel system that offers support for Web, mobile, call center and order management. The accelerator includes Web storefronts and seamless channel integrations, the company said. It comes with preconfigured page templates, which are designed to suit the "click" culture and specific shopping atmosphere experienced by Chinese consumers. Dynamic scrolling functionality creates the long pages that are favored by Chinese e-shoppers. Store-locator capability, integrated with the Chinese search company Baidu Maps, allows site visitors to find their desired store purely through a visual, click-through process.

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