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IATA Releases New Edition of Manual for Cargo-XML Standards

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released the second edition of its Cargo-XML Manual and Toolkit.

The publication provides Cargo-XML (Extensible Markup Language) standards for the electronic exchange of information, replacing the traditional Cargo-IMP (Interchange Message Procedures) for the air-cargo industry. According to IATA, it ensures uniformity, clarity, accuracy and economy in electronic data exchanges. The new Cargo-XML standards are multimodal and cross-border. They are based on UN/CEFACT standards and reference the World Customs Organization WCO) Data Model elements. The new standards facilitate implementation of the e-Air Waybill, e-Freight, Electronic Cargo Security Declaration and Advance Electronic Information. In addition, IATA said, they provide business rules that ensure efficiency and regulatory compliance, while improving data quality and response times to changing requirements.

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