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India's Major Ports Show Record Growth

India's major ports have register 6.79 percent growth in traffic over the last year, outperforming private ports for second consecutive year.

The 12 major ports under the Ministry of Shipping handled a record 647.43 MT of traffic in 2016-17, an annual growth rate of 6.79 percent, compared to 4.32 percent last year. India's private ports registered a traffic growth rate of four percent this year.

The top position in cargo handling was retained by Kandla Port which handled 105.44 million tons of cargo, a 5.39 percent increase over last year. This was followed by Paradip Port with 88.95 million tons of cargo handled, a 16.45 percent increase. Mumbai Port holds the third position with 63.05 million tons of cargo handled and a growth rate of 3.17 percent.

Iron ore traffic attained the highest growth rate of 163.67 percent. Other miscellaneous and general cargo grew by 18.53 percent and petroleum, oil and lubricant products by 8.16 percent.

The major ports also recorded the highest ever capacity addition of 100.37 million tons (MT) during 2016-17. The capacity of major ports during 2015-16 was 965.36 MTPA. This exceeded 1,065 MTPA during 2016-17.

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