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Iran Sees Growing Number of Foreign Ships Docking at Its Southern Port

Despite sanctions, Iran says the number of foreign trade vessels berthing at the country's southern port of Shahid Rajayee has considerably increased.

"The shipping lines of countries like India, China, Taiwan and South Korea are sending more vessels to Iranian ports," deputy head of Iranian Ports and Maritime Organisation Ali Jahandideh told Iranís Farsi News Agency.

He said the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organisation is planning to further increase the presence of foreign shipping lines in Shahid Rajayee Port by working closely with the foreign ministry.

"We have communicated with the world countries through the Iranian foreign ministry and the country's embassies abroad to pave the way for increased presence of shipping lines in Shahid Rajayee port," Jahandideh said.

In January, Iranian Deputy Economy Minister Behrouz Alishiri underlined the upward trend of foreign investment in Iran despite the U.S.-led unilateral sanctions against the country.

Alishiri pointed to the willingness of foreign investors to return to the Iranian market.

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