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Is It Too Early to Say There Is a Renaissance in Manufacturing?

Forging a revolution in thought, application and process, the expansion policies set into place across the country have spurred a new environment in manufacturing – one which is set to renew what we know of industry, change the way we produce goods and spark innovations of intellect and function across many sectors as well as society as a whole. If there's any other definition necessary for a renaissance, we don't know of one.

Industry leader Jason Miller phrased it best at a recent Brookings Institute forum. Manufacturing, he said, “punches above its weight. We’re in a period where something is happening.”

Indeed, manufacturing has received a lot of attention with the development of manufacturing hubs across the country, leading to an expansion of industry and renewed partnerships and integration across government agencies, manufacturers, universities and regional growth centers. All are focused on new ways of getting things made, such as digital manufacturing and 3D printing.

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