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IT Efficiency Increased for UASC Shipping Line

A Middle East IT service management firm has helped one of the region's leading shipping companies improve efficiency by automating manual incident handling and service desk operations.

IT Efficiency Increased for UASC Shipping Line

Quintica Middle East, an IT service management and training firm, reportedly has dramatically improved the IT efficiency of the United Arab Shipping Company by using BMC RemedyForce via, a cloud-based solution.

The automation and subsequent training has increased UASCís quality and speed of their incident handling while reducing incident-related calls.

Prior to this project, UASC used a somewhat unreliable manual email system to coordinate their service desk operations.

Tracking the progress, hand-off and closure of service issues between multiple participants was subject to errors, resulting in the loss of emails and unsatisfactory follow-up especially during times of peak activity.

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