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JDA Software Unveils New Retail Collaboration App

JDA Software Group Inc. has released JDA Flowcasting, an application for supply-chain management and collaboration among manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

The tool draws on such inputs as point of sale, inventory and promotional activity, providing a common set of plans for demand, replenishment, transportation, capacity and financial projections. Deployed via JDA Cloud Services, JDA Flowcasting allows trading partners to collaborate on key supply-chain parameters that drive time-phased plans from the shelf to the factory. Users can access accelerated forms of simulation, enabling the rapid evaluation of trade-offs associated with various supply-chain options. The application is built on three key capabilities: collaborative flow planning, prescriptive scenario modeling and root-cause analysis and reporting. Users can eliminate gaps in the information supply chain, while manufacturers and retailers can obtain a more accurate view of customer demand, JDA said.

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