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Lasting Damage and a Search for Clues in Cyberattack

As investigators continue to gather clues about the latest cyberattacks that hit computers around the world, some big companies and other organizations are still reckoning with the damage.

Lasting Damage and a Search for Clues in Cyberattack

At Mondelez International, a giant maker of snacks, thousands of servers and computers were rendered useless and production lines at some factories ground to a halt. The company said last week that shipping and invoicing had been disrupted during the last four days of the most recent financial quarter, but that a "critical majority" of its systems were back up and running.

Hospitals across the United States have not been able to create electronic records for more than a week after the software maker Nuance Communications experienced significant problems with its computers.

Reckitt Benckiser, which makes Lysol spray, lowered its sales forecasts last week, citing disruptions to its supply chain. And at DLA Piper, a global law firm, employees said it might be a while before all systems returned to normal.

“We are working with leading industry professionals to bring these back in a graduated way when we are satisfied that appropriate safeguards are in place to bring them online securely,” John Lovallo, a DLA Piper spokesman, said in a statement.

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