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LLamasoft Updates Transportation Network-Design Application

LLamasoft Inc., a vendor of supply-chain design software, has developed a new release of Transportation Guru, its application for transportation network design.

LLamasoft Updates Transportation Network-Design Application

Version 8.1 addresses improvements in the end-to-end transportation network. A fleet-optimization feature balances optimal fleet size with efficient multi-stop vehicle routes. Designers can plan interleaved pickups and drop-offs within cohesive routes, while optimizing fleet size and mode selection. Transportation Guru indicates whether a shipment should be fulfilled via multi-stop route or direct shipment. If the multi-stop option is chosen, the algorithm then determines which asset should be deployed. Periodic shipment balancing and scheduling creates routes using daily shipment data to schedule deliveries and pickups across a designated time period. Planners can set up a schedule for multi-stop vehicle routes to minimize costs, while adhering to delivery frequency and scheduling requirements, LLamasoft said.

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