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LogFire Offers Cloud-Based Supply-Chain Platform and Fulfillment App

LogFire, a provider of cloud-based warehouse- and inventory-management applications, has developed Version 6 of its Cloud Platform for Supply Chain.

The vendorís suite of cloud-based applications for supply-chain execution include Warehouse Management (WMS) and In-Store Inventory Management modules. The supply-chain platform integrates with a variety of other merchandising, business and supply-chain apps, as well as with material-handling equipment (MHE) systems. The new version offers enhanced integration and expanded support for MHE and warehouse-control systems (WCS). It also included Jitterbit, an extension to the data and application-integration capabilities that have previously been available within the LogFire Integration Framework. Expanded EDI X12 capabilities include architectural enhancements that draw on Jitterbit, and complete EDI transaction sets. In another company announcement, LogFire has developed LogFire Dynamic Fulfillment. Part of the companyís cloud-based Version 6 suite, the tool allows for decisions based on real-time inventory and demand information. Advanced-planning algorithms weigh multiple alternatives and constraints in making the optimal decision for a given group of orders. The application specifies the distribution center, warehouse, store or vendor location that should be used to fulfill order demand.

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