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Making the Case for In-store Pickup of Online Orders

It's no secret that the apparel, accessory and lifestyle world has long led the way in driving digital innovation across the retail frontier. Considering early initiatives around the convergence of in-store and online channels, several apparel pioneers come to mind Macy's, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Gap.

Making the Case for In-store Pickup of Online Orders

These retail winners blazed the trail for seamless cross-channel shopping experiences and paved the road for countless brands yet to come. To put it simply, their strategies are not only worth noting, but also replicating. One of the capabilities they've deployed to gain early mover advantage and customer mindshare is in-store pickup. But in-store pickup is not only effective for retailers, it has the potential to enhance revenue and brand equity.

Blending the best of online and offline shopping, in-store pickup gives shoppers the convenience and cost savings of picking up online purchases at a local store. Customers have the ability to research and buy products online, while enjoying the high-touch engagement of a brick-and-mortar facility. This solution solves for a host of potential impediments to sale, such as: Will these running shoes really be comfortable? Are these designer jeans going to stretch? Can your in-house tailor alter my suit?

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