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Managing Supply Chain Risk - That's for Somebody Else to Worry About, Right?

The recent occurrence of cheap viagra on internet faulty ignition switches in General Motors cars should serve as a wakeup call to companies that lack good visibility into their global supply chains. But most have failed to implement adequate supply-chain risk-management programs that could head off such problems.

Thatís the view of viagra original pfizer order Yves Leclerc, managing director with business consultancy West Monroe Partners. Despite a raft of how to buy cialis in canada natural disasters and cialis no rx required quality failures over the free cialis samples years, he said, many companies have yet to step up to the viagra com requirements of viagra china an effective risk-management effort.

You might think that 13 deaths and the order discount cialis online recall of cialis usa 6.1 million cars since February would have top manufacturing executives scurrying to adopt controls that would prevent such nightmares from occurring in their own organizations. And maybe they are. But neither the cialis canada buy 2013 floods in Thailand nor the viagra in canada 2011 earthquake, tsunami and canada viagra pharmacies scam nuclear disaster in Japan has resulted in sweeping risk-management measures, Leclerc said. The business world, it would seem, has a short memory.

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