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Mobile Commerce Was Very Bright Spot in Holiday Retail Sales

Overall, holiday sales were weak, but from a mobile perspective, the results were phenomenal, with mobile traffic reaching 48 percent of all online traffic while mobile sales grew 40 percent to reach 29 percent of online holiday sales, according to data from IBM.

As retailers look ahead to the 2014 holiday shopping season, they will be applying the lessons learned at the end of last year to help them better meet mobile consumers' needs.

"Retailers should recognize that the highly personal nature of mobile means mobile is not simply another channel for mass broadcast," said Derrick Lin, brand and mobile strategist at Resource, Columbus, Ohio. "Personalization and context will be key for holiday season 2014.

"[The] focus on mobile marketing should be broadened to beyond driving mobile sales and also include proximity and in-store," he said. "Store experience is going to be the next battleground for retailers. It will become brick-and-mortar retailers' competitive advantage when they combat etailers."

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