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More Enterprises Are Building Their Own Custom Mobile Apps

Companies are jumping on the mobile app development train as a way to improve business.

The number of enterprises now building custom mobile apps - many of them simple apps designed to handle business processes - rose significantly in 2016, according to Gartner's annual study of mobile app development platforms.

In 2015, about 60 percent of organizations were engaged in mobile app development. Last year, that number jumped to about 73 percent, according to the study, which also evaluated 35 mobile app development platform (MADP) vendors for this year's "Magic Quadrant."

MADPs provide tools, technologies, components and services that become the key building blocks used by enterprises to create custom mobile apps, mobile web apps or websites, according to Gartner.

The majority of custom app development is still geared toward more code-centric custom apps intended for the development of customer-facing apps as well as business critical apps for a partners and distributors. The average number of mobile apps being deployed per company remains relatively small: eight apps.

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