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MRO Provider Uses RFID to Manage Aircraft Parts It Services

While Airbus and other aircraft manufacturers have been taking a leading role in deploying radio frequency identification for the management of airplane parts, one aviation company has leveraged Airbus' knowledge to create its own solution. Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT) - a third-party provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services - has deployed an RFID system at its facility to manage work-in-progress for the parts it services for its customers, which include Airbus and other aircraft manufacturers. The system has helped ADAT reduce turnaround times, and has provided information that the firm can employ to further improve efficiency.

ADAT developed the solution at Airbus's RFID Centre of Excellence, a site at which the aircraft maker displays, demonstrates and tests RFID systems for its own internal use, and to assist its customers in deploying RFID technology. ADAT's RFID system is designed to track components from their reception at a dedicated receiving area—the company's Component Control Center—through to numerous repair stations (also known as workshops), and to the dispatch area from which those parts are then shipped back to the customer. By reading the tags during these multiple processes, ADAT attains a real-time view into the progress of each MRO service being provided for every component, and can thus identify if a delay occurs. In addition, personnel at the multiple service areas can use the technology to view the parts that may be en route to their station.

The company's facility, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, encompasses 947,000 square feet, and includes the Component Control Center receiving area, as well as workshops for component overhaul and repair, including airframe and technical support.

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