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NeoGrid Debuts Modules for Trade Promotion, S&OP

NeoGrid has released two new supply-chain applications: NeoTPM for trade promotion management, and NeoS&OP for advanced sales and operations planning.

NeoGrid Debuts Modules for Trade Promotion, S&OP

NeoTPM allows users to manage the entire trade-promotion process, and make that data easily available for S&OP. NeoS&OP is intended to improve forecasting accuracy for both short- and long-term planning horizons, utilizing actual demand signals and more granular data analysis. Data from the two modules are available via NeoGrid’s integrated, cloud-based platform, enabling collaboration across marketing, sales, finance and demand planning. According to the vendor, the TPM module eliminates spreadsheets, data silos and manual processes by bringing trade-promotion data directly into S&OP, to become part of the demand- and financial-planning processes. Capabilities of NeoS&OP include top-down and bottom-up planning, “what-if” scenario planning, promotional event planning and comprehensive management reporting. It can also integrate information from collaborative processes with retailers, such as vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), directly into the S&OP process.

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