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PeopleNet's Vusion Launches MPG Analytics Dashboard

Vusion, a division of PeopleNet, has launched its MPG Analytics Dashboard.

PeopleNet's Vusion Launches MPG Analytics Dashboard

The tool collects and analyzes data that impacts fuel use. The dashboard visually displays information, via red alerts on a “heat map,” to support analytics and help users to determine issues that require addressing. It connects, interprets and depicts data from multiple sources, including the engine control module, dispatch, vehicle and fuel purchases. Users can acquire a picture of each vehicle, engine and driver, and see how each performance factor directly impacts fuel economy. The heat map, with red and yellow alerts, along with asset groups and day ranges, can be customized to meet the needs of specific fleets. Vusion streamlines fleet tax reporting and integrates GPS data, driver-performance metrics and data from vehicle and equipment manufacturers.

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