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The Amazon Challenge and How Smaller E-tailers Can Compete

Going up against the behemoth that is, does the smaller e-commerce provider have a chance?

The Amazon Challenge and How Smaller E-tailers Can Compete

The answer is yes, provided that the small or medium-sized e-tailer can find a way to match Amazon's level of service, as well as differentiate its product in the marketplace. On this episode, we get some tips on how that daunting task might be achieved, in our conversation with Dan Coll. He is senior manager of e-commerce fulfillment with FedEx Supply Chain. Coll discusses how smaller entities can carve out market niches by focusing on what he calls "the unboxing experience." It's all about giving customers what they want, in selection, convenience and product quality. Or maybe what they didn't even realize they could have. Long live the little guy! Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

This episode is sponsored by FedEx Supply Chain.

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Show notes:

A pair of case studies from FedEx Supply Chain: Skinny & Co., and Dagne Dover.

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