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Pricing Strategies for Logistics Services Masterclass

10th to 11th February 2014, Singapore

Amidst the keen competition many logistics companies face in Singapore and other Asia-Pacific countries, communicating the right prices to customers in the provision of logistics services such as transportation, warehousing and supply chain management is vital to an organisation's overall branding and marketing strategy. Justifying higher prices with a more service - driven focus and higher service efficiency with enhanced turnaround ability could be the determining factor that sets your organisation apart from the rest of the competition.  

Salvo Global's 2-Day intensive Masterclass on "Pricing Strategies For Logistics Services" to be held in Singapore on the 10th to 11th February 2014 will provide delegates with a comprehensive range of strategies and approaches to pricing, including the concept of Value-Based Pricing, which takes into account not just price-setting based on cost alone, but also the overall value received by the customer. Prices should be determined with a clear strategic concept and tools, such as Price-Value Analysis and Customer Analytics, will be shared with delegates to accelerate the achievement of this objective. Specific concerns such as labour costs, space constraints, and the status of Singapore as a logistics hub and distribution centre must be taken into account when customising pricing strategies. 

This Masterclass seminar is designed as an interactive mix of lectures, case studies, discussions and class exercises for delegates to develop real-life strategies that they could bring back to their respective organisations for sharing and implementation.

The seminar trainer, with over 20 years' experience is one of the world's foremost pricing consultants known around the globe for his hands-on pragmatic approach integrating  Value-Based Pricing within an organisation to strategy development and tactical pricing.

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