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Rail, Trucking Interests Back Beefed-up Investment in Transportation Infrastructure

America's trucking companies and railroads quite literally are the lifeblood of this economy; connecting farms to the dinner table, warehouses to stores and American businesses to consumers at home and across the globe. Without the hard work of millions of drivers, train crews and employees all across our industries, this economy would simply stop.

Thatís because trucks and trains can boast a critical importance to the U.S. economy that is rooted in infrastructure investments. Last year, freight railroads invested more than $25.5bn in private dollars, in line with a decades-long trend of investing roughly 40 cents of every revenue dollar back into the nationwide rail network. The trucking industry in 2012 paid about $37.8bn in state and federal highway user fees, on top of millions of dollars on new, fuel-efficient tractors and trailers.

However, this hasnít been enough. The nationís highways need more investment to ensure trucks and trains can serve intermodal customers, keep powering our revitalized economy and link America to the global supply chain.

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