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Resilinc Releases Module for Conflict Minerals Reporting Compliance

Resilinc has released an application that aids companies in meeting the Securities and Exchange Commission's new reporting rules on conflict minerals in manufactured goods.

Resilinc Releases Module for Conflict Minerals Reporting Compliance

The Resilinc Conflict Minerals Module adopts a network-based approach which enables suppliers to publish their reporting template once, then securely share it across their entire customer base. Suppliers use the platform at no charge. It provides extensive on-boarding and training services in multiple languages and time zones. It also features automated “reasonable-assessment” tests, to categorize incorrect responses and allow for faster follow-up and improved accuracy of the final submission. A fully automated template can be created from consolidated supplier responses, tracking outbound reporting to customers, and streamlining the time required to analyze supplier inputs. The module integrates with a multi-tier supply-chain mapping tool, giving users information about a supplier’s sub-tier supply chain.

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